Claramunt Frantoio Olive Oil 250mL

Claramunt is an authour olive oil. It is the combination of a familiy tradition and the last technic in the olive oil world. Claramunt is created to be an exclusive olive oil where you can feel all Andalucia world: his sun, his earth, his passion.
Winner of 3rd place in the International Dieline Awards for Excellence in Packaging (Dairy, Oil, Spices), the striking presentation will be at ease on a busy table, with no need to serve in a separate container.

Tasting notes describe fruity olives between ripe and green, with olfactory sensation of freshly cut grass, with a feeling of bitter almond and banana in the aroma. A light touch of bitterness on the palate is followed by a more intense spicy aftertaste.
In the kitchen this oil generously lends its spicy and bitter attributes to partner ingredients. Ideal for all types of creams, sauces, and mayonnaise; it can be used to augment any sauce made with butter adding a soft touch to the palate.

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