OL Glass Marasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750mL

The OL Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the south of Córdoba, in the Natural Park of the Subbetica Mountains. The rainy weather, fluctuations in temperature, limy soil and the high altitude, provide the oil with unique organoleptic features, which are distinctive to the area. The blend of fruits harvested from different olive tree varieties (picudo, picual and white leaf) gives OL Extra Virgin Olive Oil its special flavor. OL Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of simple mechanical procedures. This simple and traditional method provides the oil with the same features the olive fruit had while it was still on the tree. OL Extra Virgin Olive Oil is excellent for your health due to its high polyphenol content, a natural antioxidant that slows aging. The high oleic acid and low linoleic acid content reduces cholesterol and prevents heart failure as well as cardiovascular and hepatic disorders, including diabetes. Furthermore, it stimulates bone growth, and promotes calcium absorption and bone mineralization.

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