Luis Escuris. Queen scallops in “King Scallop” sauce – Fuera de Serie. 118g

Luis Escuris was born in Puebla del Caramina (La Coruna-Galicia) in the late 90's. With the experience of family professional canners. After two decades, Luis Escuris’ products are in the best stores at national and international level; a paramount gourmet fish and seafood cannery and one of the most esteemed in Galicia. The pieces are selected according to their size, once approved by our control systems of our company are packed by hand. The size of the pieces allow us to offer a product of quality and flavor that will delight the most discerning palates.

Queen scallop is one of the most delicious shellfish from Galicia. This product is prepared with an exclusive and traditional king scallop sauce using only natural ingredients. You will notice an excellent size and flavour.

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